Monday, March 03, 2008

The Doctor

Have I ever mocked the teen girls who reported incredibly negative side effect from Gardasil on this blog??

If I have, all mockery is sincerely withdrawn. Oi. It HURTS. And I'm feeling vomity and sick, though of course I have a cold which adds to crappiness. And the nurse was mean to me. WTF?!!? I'm here to have my boobs prodded, my va-jay-jay probed, my innards squished, a SHOT and blood work. You could be nice to me JERKSTORE! Ah well. The doctor yelled at her though. She did not provide the proper light to illuminate va-jay-jay probing. She got into trouble for that one, heh heh heh. Still though. Ew. Bottom line: shots beat HPV. So I'll take what I have to.

The good thing? I got to sleep for a while today and now I get to watch Oprah. LOL, not too shabby. Though I feel another nap coming on. Uggghhhhhh.

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