Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Perhaps Jamaal and I have found the answer to some of these problems. I don't really know, but as we embark on this journey together, I hope we represent a certain type of change and not just an anomaly.


Amani said...


Let me just reiterate how happy I am for you and Jamal! This is so exciting, and I hope I get to meet him someday. Can't wait to hear more about plans for the wedding, honeymoon, etc. My vote is for South Africa, but you know I'm biased!


alex!!! said...

Man, it still amazes me that this day and age people have an "issue" with interracial relationships. When I look at that picture of you and Jamaal I don't see a black guy and a white girl but a very happy couple who are in love and getting MARRIED (well, I don't see that in the picture but now that I know it I do!)

Al said...

LOL it's true. People have issues or are just dumb/say dumb things. Like "what about your kids" Um I dunno, what about them? We don't have any yet...sooo...then people are like "oh well they will be mixed." NO KIDDING! I thought they would be white. Sh8t. LOL. Luckily Jam and I tend to not pay attention and we have badass friends and family like you fine ladies who just take us for what we are :D And for that I thank you again and again because it means A TON to us!