Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back In the Saddle

Oh *sigh*

It's been back to school this week! It really sucks up all of my focus too, giving my family a good break from wedding talk (of course Jamaal is not spared, that'll teach him for asking me! lol). I have a mere 37 days until my final, a number which I am finding QUITE terrifying. Never have I been so scared to fail...ok that's a lie, I was scared witless I would not get into my top choice school, not necessarily because it was my top choice and somewhat hard to get into, but because I did NOT like any of my other options (note to those looking at colleges: look at more than 5 if you can stand it. HAVE OPTIONS!). This I'm really freaking out about, and I'm not sure why. I mean, of course, I WANT to be done, but no one is really banking on my finishing in May. Some friends have made plans to come up for the graduation, but it's nothing set in stone and they could just as easily stay home, and since my family is local, it's no biggie to them. Why am I freaking out? I think it's because I have such high expectations of myself. The only person I'll really be failing if I don't pass plant phys is myself, and the person who will be most disappointed is me.

I feel I have two options in dealing with this. One option was suggested by Jamaal: focus on the positive. Good advice given my predilection for associating all things Tufts with doom and gloom. My second option is to let go. Just to let go. What is that blessing about God granting me the serenity to accept things I can't change? It's along that line. I think I might aim for a combination of the two options. Oh, and email the professor and make him tell me the secrets to passing his class...and by passing I mean getting a B- or above.

Let's see. So this week has been fun and exciting because two people have asked me for my address for wedding invitations. Hurrah! And Jam might be able to join me, definitely for one, maybe for both. WOOT! Plus we're both in the same wedding in June. Guess it's that time of life, though one couple is in their 50's. All of these weddings should be particularly enjoyable as one is in Maine over Memorial Day (you just can't beat Maine in May, just so lovely) and one is very local in October, but will have a special flair as the couple is living abroad and will have all sorts of guests. Plus my sister will be there, as well as some of her oldest friends, so it's guaranteed to be a rockin' good time, plus we're staying in a hotel all together. Let the Captain Morgan FLOW!

Also, today I donated to the Obama campaign. Can you believe it? ME? DONATING? TO A POLITICIAN?! It just goes to show you that I hardcore *believe* in this guy. Cause I'm not writing a political blog here I won't go into the gory details of why I know he's more than qualified and capable of becoming our next leader, but I totally wrote on the submission form something to the effect of "I DON'T DO STUFF LIKE THIS EVER." Translation: Don't mess up. Please!

What else? Oh yes, I donated something else today too, but not money, PLATELETS! My donation was flawless and I got to watch a decent chunk of Little Miss Sunshine too. This was definitely my speediest donation at 1 hour and 20 minutes. The blood was literally flying from my veins. I also had a massive Hgb (for me) a whopping 13.8! Who is badass? ME!!!!! Well ok, not me, but my blood is kind of a rockstar right now.

I think that's it. Life is rather mundane now that I'm not hanging out in restaurants where devilishly handsome young men are on one knee asking me to be their wedded bride and all :D Actually both Jam and I are back to being buried by work and school. Yes, most definitely anticipating a Memorial Day in long as the transmission in my Subaru doesn't bottom out. But that's another story.

Happy Hump Day, readers few and far between!

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