Monday, July 02, 2007

Right Quick

ok. so I'm writing a paper on wetlands and I need to just write a few non-wetlands sentences so I can get back in the groove.

1. I am taking a crafting hiatus. hahah before you all gasp with horror, save your breath - I will still be crafting, but only for birthdays. I hate to say it, but I've got to stop the sudden and random crafting. If you're getting married, maybe if I get more than 8 weeks notice, obviously birthdays because they don't change, and babies, if you give me months notice, because there is no excuse not to give more than a few months notice. I am sorry to say that I won't be knitting, cross stitching and sewing little "I thought of you" gifts :( But I've done a bit of reflecting in the past couple of days and realize the stress I go through to get these things done and its not cool. I'm going to be wrapping up a few things I've got to do (quilt for Amy, bday present for Alex to compensate for the fact that I can't (at least I don't think I can) make it to her birthday :( ) and then I'm gonna use up spare yarn for some leisurely projects I wanted to complete, a few scarves and things for myself and some baby socks. Then its crafting on birhdays and Christmas only, at least til grad school is done. Rach, Jam and EE I know you haven't gotten quilts from me yet......don't think this means you won't, LOL.

2. Speaking of my friend Alex (who may be reading this, "howdy!") We grew up in the same town. I moved away after the 4th grade, the year we became really tight. We tried to keep up through middle school and things but it's really tough to do that usually, and it was, cause we were damn busy (too busy probably, but you know) So recently thanks to the beauty that is the internet with MySpace and blogger and all that, we've been in contact more. Here's the thing: even though we haven't talked in a while, I for some reason feel like I could tell her anything about me and it'd be cool. Like secrets and sh*t. Not that I have any interesting secrets whatsoever...but you know. I wonder if it's because we were friends when we were young? And it's some sort of psychological development thing or emotional brain preadolescent weirdness. hahahahah now Alex is like "sh*t gotta go, Allison is freaking me the hell out" hahahhahha. Seriously though, I feel like if Alex and I EVER GET OUR SH*T TOGETHER ENOUGH TO MEET UP it would be crazy because we'd just pick up where we left off almost. Weird, but very very cool to me :)

Anyways, you can soooo tell it's 11:54 and I'm slightly delusional because I've declared a crafting hiatus and probably scared one of my oldest friends into thinking I'm gonna come up to Portland, knock on her door with my Cabbage Patch Kids slumber bag and say "let's have GIRL TIME!!!" hhhahahahahahaha Promise I won't do that to you Alex, lol, however tempting it may be!

OK, world, off to write a paper on my adventures in my back woods, also know as "Hell Swamp"
No lie.


alex said...

hahahaa i love this entry. it's funny though, cause I was thinking about that "how long we've known each other" thing the other day, and I feel the same. Like, we seriously missed out on some pretty important times in each others lives (uh, hello high school?) but i feel like we're still very similar to the kids we were when we were bff's. I definitely think that if we do EVER meet up (haha, seriously) that it wouldn't be awkward. I legitimately feel like you said, we'd pick up right where we left off.
I think the last time you and I actually hung out was at your graduation from high school party seven (!!!) years ago.
And it's cool if you show up on my doorstep. My bf, jason has been gone down in gloucester, ma. for the past five days so I've literally gone insane. I actually made a picture of a turtle on a piece of cardboard and taped it next to our real turtles tank.

ANYWAY, it's ok if you can't make it this weekend, but you're definitely still more than welcome to. And you can always bring jamaal if you want, as well (did i spell his name right?)

ok. end longest comment ever. the point was suposed to be that i'm glad we got back in touch, too!!!


Al said...