Monday, July 09, 2007


This morning as I was showering at the bright and sunny hour of 5:30, I hear a knock on the door. I say "YEAH??" Cause I am sooo not a morning person, and my mother's weepy face appears. "Be as fast as possible" she says dramatically "I overSLEPT" "Ok Calm down" I said "Go to it" and exited the bathroom. My mother literally leaped into the shower. I sat on my bed for a moment in a towel and wondered why she was so upset. Then I realized that that was how people who were on time felt when they were late. See me and my father, for example, being chronically late for everything, heck we'd never cry about oversleeping. We'd wake up and say "sh*tf*ckd*amnhellpiss" think for a minute, look at the clock and say "well at least I gained that extra half hour." Poor Mom, what a rugged world it is for those always on time....!


Amy said...

I was wondering why Mom's towels were so disheveled on the towel rack. I was like, "Jeez - someone was in a hurry!"

Al said...

yeah, she totally spazzed out, LOL. It was insane! Like seriously who is going to punish her for being late. Ummmmm, oh that's right, NO ONE.