Monday, July 09, 2007

Niblet II

Prologue: Last weekend in New York I teased Jamaal that he would be bringing a travel iron on the trip because he has an ironing neurosis. He can't NOT iron. He sat up very straight and said "No I think I can survive without ironing for a week or so." I doubted this, but was silent.

Cut to present day:

Al: Oh gosh we're soo down to the wire on this trip aren't we?? phew. I am making progress though. Vacation reminder, gotta do that.

Jam: We sure are down to the wire. Every day will mean something new. I will buy a travel iron. I'm not even going to lie now.

Al: LOL I KNEW you would buy a travel iron LOL. Well now I will worry less about bringing a linen dress if you've got the travel iron.
heh heh heh

Jam: I tried to be carefree, but you knew I would crack eventually.

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