Friday, July 06, 2007

In a week....

Jam the man and I are headed to Costa Rica. I could not be more excited about this - I've wanted to go there for a while now. When we booked this trip it seemed like we had years to plan. Ha, now we're looking at about 7 days.

This is my to do list. Finished things are in italics. They are. If you can't see that, it's because only a few things are done. Maybe I ought to shop a bit after work today....


2 lens caps
58 mm lens filter


case for first aid supplies

reservations for the limo liner
biodegradable soap in case we want to wash something
bug spray off smooth n' dry
paperbacks 2-3
travel alarm clock or timex cheap-esque watch

do I need to take?
voltage adapter? (no!!, unnecessary)

have and pack
-raincoat to lend to Jam
field guide
first aid of some sort
2 prs atl cargos
1 pr shorts
1 pr jeans
1 pr clamdiggers from Jcrew?
hiking boots
chaco sandals
flip flops
2 bathing suits
linen black dress
red bag (purse)
red beach towel
mag lite
GAP vouchers and dossier
small journal
birds of costa rica
smith fleece
sunglasses w/case
nalgene x 2
AAA card

To do @ home before leaving

get international calling on cell for month of july
leave detailed itinerary for parentals
leave detailed petcare instructions
vacuum/dust room
make sure Lily & Lucy & CB have food
unplug chargers, turn off surge protector
laundry put away
finish Amy's quilt
finish paper
make photo copies of: passport, travel insurance(did we get documentation of that from GAP??) Airline confirmations (as they are E-tickets)
get emergency money in traveler's check form
get cash
print GAP vouchers and dossier
refill birth control
send NH boat license documents
get hotel in EWR
register with State Department
evite for Ame and Jam
beach coverup - sew??
EE-care package

To do @work before leaving

get vacation feeder for ET
Water all plants
draw shades
move plants in front of computer to minimize sun exposure
clean desk area, take dishes home, wash silverware
finish followup
return any requested charts
finish screening to 7/01/2007
finish abstraction to 09/01/2006 (yeah right)
organize files
conference call??

Yeah. It's gonna be a crazy week.

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