Thursday, July 05, 2007

A letter

Dear pheresis tech X

As YOU well know, I have been donating platelets at your center for over 2 years now. I know the screening process: fill out questionnaire, have questionnaire red, give height and weight, have temp, blood pressure, pulse and hgb read. So when I show up to do this, you don't have to use the voice you use with preschoolers, and sing-song your way through the entire process. It's annoying. Furthermore, when my iron is too low to donate, I know why. You don't have to explain that I'm not gonna die or anything. I get it. Also, when you suggest reasons why it may be low, above all things, do not look me in the eye and say "it might be women's troubles." Because I will embarrass you by looking YOU in the eye and saying "Oh like my period, because I have that RIGHT NOW, though really, it's no trouble at all." Maybe by the end of the day your face won't be so red.

See you next week when my PERIOD is over and my IRON is back to normal.
Mad love forever

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