Friday, June 29, 2007

shopping, shoulders and other shhhh

So I am a baby when I am in pain...well ok so I'm not a baby, but I definitely talk about it. Like poor Jamaal will call me and say "how are you?" and for a split second he must think that he called the wrong number and is talking to a 90 year old woman because he hears stuff like this in response: "well my sciatica is acting up and I have this heartburn that I can't get rid of and last night I got a foot cramp that is really lingering and I have a headache but I think that's cause I'm dehydrated and this post-nasal drip is KILLING MY SOUL!!" Ha. Yeah, I do that.
When it all started: I was a synchronized swimmer in college I got a nasty case of what I think was tendonitis in my shoulders and neck. This is a common competitive swimmer's injury, but synchronized swimming can be rather vigorous, and I think it was some repetitive arm movements that did me in. Combine that with having to move out of my third floor room later that year lifting things and carrying them down 3 flights of stairs and my shoulder and neck were DONE. Jesus, they hurt so frickin' bad. A month after the move I went to Kenya to study and didn't swim much at all. My arms got a break and they felt better. Given the diet and exercise regime in Kenya I was healthy and muscular, probably more so than I had ever been or have been since. Good bye tendonitis!
Recently the old injury has been flaring up. Nothing to horrible, but uncomfortable enough that I take two aleve every day except within 48 hours of platelet donations. While my right shoulder is uncomfortable, I never thought there was anything truly wrong with it aside from some discomfort until today. I went to the ladies room and in opening the door I twisted my arm in such a way it went numb for a second, then the most hideous shooting pain went down my arm then it went numb again and my fingers bent weird and froze. I shook it off and it feels ok-ish now, but the experience was daunting, especially since my grandma just had her rotator cuff done and the recovery has been long and hard. I'm hoping nothing is really wrong with my shoulder. I know if something is that surgery isn't necessarily my only or even best option, but these kinds of things usually need to be dealt with sooner or later. errrr.
Of course my shoulders could just be bearing the weight of my guilt for getting sucked in to mildly expensive accessories at a local vintage store. I "needed" a silver purse for the wedding I'm going to this weekend. Well I sure found one. It's ridiculously hawt. Then the shop owner talked me into some earrings, which unbeknown to me cost more than the damn purse. Sh*t. That totally eliminated me from being able to buy the shoes and perfume I had my heart set on (oh I have the money, I'm just not allowing myself to be ridiculous and spend it!), however the purse and earrings are PERFECT and I will be jamming my feet into a pair of fabulous albeit small silver shoes, plus to dress up the dress I found a pin belonging to my grandmother that I put at the base of the halter. I feel glamorous. Hopefully it won't be too fancy for the wedding - the dress is pretty casual. Though I can't really say I'd care if I were overdressed for the simple fact that my accessories are................vintage. Yum.
Finally I'm going to share some pics with you. The rest are on Flickr, but these are my favorites. I'm hoping this and no permanent damage situation is why my shoulder is bugging me so much!


elizabeth said...

THESE PHOTOS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing. Al, if your arm went numb, it sounds like you sublexed your shoulder -- I've done it twice. It's one step short of dislocating it, because it rolls back into the joint, but it is serious. Taking Aleve every day is great and all, but you ought to have it in a sling. And Not. Use. It. NO LIFTING. Or you'll end up tearing something and then you WILL have serious trouble.

Oh, and I'd probably GO TO THE DOCTOR you tool.

How will you carry around the tan babies if you've already busted your shoulder, you 90-year old woman???!!!!!

<3 EE

Al said...

jesus sh*t girl I could've subplexed my shoulder? Day-um. Maybe. Jamaal tried to get the knots out and I had at least 3. I was good to it this weekend and didn't lift and kept it still and I haven't had aleve since last Friday. Trust me though, I will go to the doctor's if it happens again, cause good lord it HURT. And you know, I have to have a good arm for the tan babes.

tee hee you like these pics?? They're my new obsession.