Tuesday, June 26, 2007

oh COME ON now

after weeks of gut/heartwrenching posts about Rwanda, Darfur, the Congo, cancer, family drama, being grateful, preaching, bitching, whining, complaining and generally being too intense i give you a humourous sonnet of my "own pure brain" and no one leaves a comment. This is truly a tragedy. I think I might have to go cry now.

Ok I won't go cry. I'll just go study wetlands regs. But I'll think carefully before I send another poem crafted from the cockles of my heart your way. grrrr ;)


Anonymous said...

You made me want a vegan cookie so badly I was too hungry to write.

Al said...


Yes, this is what happens when you're delirious from lack of sleep and have a vegan cookie in front of you. Deadly poetry!