Friday, June 15, 2007



- Work wouldn't let me buy the "zazzle" highlighters I so lusted after, and replaced them, without asking, with staples-brand "hype" What gives???!!
- Woman elbowed me in head during entire train ride, and would turn to glare at me, like I, sitting in my seat, was the one being extraordinarily rude!
- Boy next to me on Green Line picked his nose for 6 stops


- Jam is coming to see me (multiply x 5 on the excited/happy scale)
- It's a beautiful day
- I just ate a hot bagel, and am about to consume an ice-cold coffee
- I am inspired to take a crochet class (must learn. must make afghans!)
- Did I mention the sun is shining for the first time in many days??!
- Farmer's market at Copley today
- Whole Foods visit to buy supplies for romantic/gourmet dinner this weekend, my first foray into "real" cooking
- Typing this in an empty office - great because there's no one here except me and ET and I don't turn the ugly flourescent lights on, I enjoy the natural light from my window
- Father's Day gift for my dad is AWESOME
- In good spirits in general

-3 peeved things + 10 joyous = 7 good things

It's gonna be a lovely day :)

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