Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"I be up in the gym just workin' on my fitness"

A short post because the last 1,265 have been long and intense!

Last Friday, I washed my cell phone. Washed? you ask - you bet. I am doing a wetlands project and went down to the swamp to get a reading. At the last second I shoved my cell in one of the pockets that goes about down to my knees in case something happened (strangely enough I fell off a stone wall down there and narrowly avoided having my leg crushed by a boulder - the phone would've been key had leg been crushed you see, which is why I carry the phone). Upon coming back home I stripped (wooohoooooo) and went for a run (not naked, I put on clothes!). Then I had a tight schedule to keep: load kayak on car for Cape fieldtrip, load tent, get sleeping bags down from garage storage, make 2 semi-gourmet salads, wash "outdoor" clothes for field trip, clean room, blah blah blah. By the time 9 rolled around, I was so tired, but had got most of the To Do list done. My mother and I flipped on "What Not to Wear" (the wedding edition, SCORE) and I got busy making salad and doing laundry during commercial breaks. I finished my chores around 12:30 and went to put my laundry in the dryer. I was kind of wondering why Jam hadn't called yet, so I thought "I'm going to throw this laundry in the dryer and call the man." Imagine my horror when I open the washing machine to see my beloved Razr phone atop a pile of clean cargo pants and fleeces. It was nearly 1AM. I was tired, irrational and stressed and I broke down. Poor Jamaal got to listen to it too, as I summoned his number from the address/phone book corner of my brain, which is now quite dusty from lack of use due to brilliant technology of cell phones, and called him on my portable. I freaked out and said stuff like 'my dad is going to kill me' (whaaaa???) Jam was like "um I don't think so, that's irrational." hahahahha oh the voice of reason.

Of course my father didn't kill me (I think my reasoning at the time was that he got the phone for me - not paid for it, mind you, he procured it for me, and putting it through the wash would be disrespecting his procurement of said phone. Did I mention I was irrational?) and he actually laughed when I told him what I did. He gave me his old Razr that he had just upgraded from to a newer gunmetal gray Razr, and that was that. No biggie.

Yesterday was stressful. I had to run to the laundromat to wash sleeping bags (they won't fit in our washer) and life was just a bit crazy, not helped at all by the fact that the laundromat was somewhat of a bust and I had to rewash some things that didn't come clean. I decided to unwind by going for a run. Then my Ipod bit the dust. It's done. Literally done. Which totally STINKS. I'd become completely addicted. Since I just purchased a nearly $700 camera and $600 kayak, I'm cleaned out. I couldn't come up with $250 for a new Ipod if I wanted to. Sigh. I took it hard last night, and was admittedly weepy about the situation. Now I'm just kind of resigned to an Ipod-less summer, and am planning on investing in a stopwatch, since I used to use my Ipod to time my runs. Oh well.

This also means adjusting to listening to morning radio. This morning I drove to school so I could drop off my car then head to work. The morning radio host said "Gimme some of that Fergie, I love her new song, it's totally grown on me." Having heard it a billion times, I zoned for a second, then started listening to the lyrics. Now I ask you, how can a woman who sings song with the lyrics featured in the title, and other lyrics like 'I still go to Taco Bell, Drive thru raw as hell, I don't care I'm still real, no matter how many records I sell" and can't spell "Tasty" properly (T to the A to the S-T-E-Y girl you *tastey*??!!) expect to be taken seriously, even when she sings a slow jam with acoustic guitar in the intro? She can say she wants to be by herself and "center" all she wants, but she still says in the song "I'm gonna miss you like a child misses his blanket" What the hell is that? Ah well, I'm not gonna hate on Fergie. No way, the first thing I'm gonna do when I get my new Ipod, whenever that may be, is put "Fergilicious" on there and go up in the gym and work on my fitness.


elizabeth said...

Al, did you get the iPod protection plan? I did and when my iPod bit the dust 3 months ago I took it in, it was dead, and they gave me a new one of the same version.

The new one has officially bit the dust. I have no money for a new one either, but it is my music recorder! Not to mention my music teacher! I've gotta have Falstaff in my ear all the time and lugging around my entire computer is an ANTI-solution. So.

I'll let you know what they do when your iPod dies x2!!

Mad love,

Al said...

I bought it used from my sister!

Amy said...

Elizabeth, what kind of iPod do you have? It's died twice? That sounds kind of sketchy. Unless you drop it and stuff. Then I'd understand. Still that's kind of weird.

Allison has the warranty I gave her. She should bring it to either Apple or Circuit City, which is where I bought it because there were no Apple stores around here at the time. I think before she gives up hope she should bring it in!