Monday, June 25, 2007

An Ode to my Vegan Cookie

You are chewy and delicious
Though not exactly nutritious
Wrapped in cellophane
You ease each hunger pain
Egg, dairy and lactose free
The satisfaction you give
Is worth the fee
Paired with a cold Coke Zero
You're my Monday snack-time hero
Made in Somerville, just up the street
Your baker I would like to meet
To thank him/her for making you
The tasty snack that will keep me going
The rest of the afternoon through.

Ooohhhhh poetry slam night here I come. Not really at all. But considering I am rather inept at poetry and all kinds of writing (dry biological papers excluded) I thought this was clever, LOL. Ok now back to abstracting cancer patients...boooooo


elizabeth said...

That's beee-yooooooooooo-ti-ful, Miss Crosby!

I want me some Vegan Cookies NOW.

Wait. I'm in Florida. They eat grease here.


<3 E

Al said...

really? eeeeeeuuuuwwww