Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wedding Wednesday 7/54 aka A Post of Fails

ETA: I would like to step out of my self-indulgent skin to think of all the veterans who have served this country and continue to defend it today. I so admire the sacrifices servicemen and servicewomen make for this country, so I can go about my stupid life without thinking about my safety and freedoms. Thank you.


Oh the fails this week.
Mostly work fails.
An ATM fail, where I left my ATM card in the machine yet again. At least this time I was distracted and on my cell, but still. When I went to the bank in hopes of retrieving the card before it met its death in the shredder I found the bank closed for Veteran's Day. Fail.

Now the wedding fails.

I emailed our point person at the reception venue with a list of questions.
Some I liked the answers to very much, like "yes candles are allowed" and "yes you can use the property the day of the wedding, even if it's before the official reception begins"

Others, not so much.

So we can't get in to decorate before 9am on Saturday morning. This makes me queasy. Since we're not blowing $50,000 on this affair, it is very DIY-oriented, but because I am NEUROTIC I have an elaborate scheme in my head as far as decor. Unfortunately, it does not like this will be a possibility because 1. we do not have a crew of laborers to help us 2. I will NOT let my nearly 60 year old dad, Jam's dad, Jam's brother or my cousin Andrew or uncle who has fallen off a ladder twice climb a ladder on my wedding day (I would never get over the guilt of someone getting hurt decorating for our wedding) and 3. we simply won't have the time or the ladder, which we have to provide, to pull it off:

Though if we keep our numbers down, and don't have to use the balcony for seating, maybe we could pull this off by not having to climb up and down a ladder too many times. I don't know. I am just feeling discouraged today I guess.

The good thing is that I have concrete answers. Now I can go over timing with the photographer and we can tighten the timeline for the day. Jam's response to this time constraint is to severly limit decorations. While I agree we may have to limit decorations, I kid you not, we are going to have a sign-up sheet or something and recruit as many people as possible to help us out. I am so grateful to know that there are a couple of people in particular who are hardcore into aesthetics and will work with us to make the barns beautiful.

So while I can admit to being sad about changing our decorating plans, I'm happy when I think of the great people who have our back...and I'm grateful that the one thing that worked flawlessly (or has worked flawlessly so far) has been the hotel. There may be a wedding at our venue on Friday and Sunday, but as far as I know, I beat everyone to the hotel block! AND I HAVE THE BRIDAL SUITE B*TCHES! Which up until wedding night will be called "the factory of craftiness, flowers and decorating." I can imagine the scene 11 months from now, the bridal suite full of ladies on Friday afternoon gettin' stuff done, and it makes me happy. I always thought I'd want to have a room to myself and enjoy the peace and quiet leading up to the "big day" (blech) but now I am so grateful I reserved that room. I want it full of people :) drinking champagne and hot gluing sh*t. ha ha ha.

Well I kind of talked myself out of that funk. It helps that I saw this tremendously gorgeous wedding today on weddingbee. Totally DIY and amazing. I just love it. I am totally poaching ideas. Really the only hurdle that comes with the time constraint is what to do with lighting...when I really think about it, centerpieces can be set up ready to go in boxes/crates. I can say to the bridesmaids "this is how it's supposed to look" and we can throw them on the tables. Escort cards will be premade and ready, menus, made and ready. Then the other details, pumpkins, gourds, guest books, etc, that will be easy. Just have to figure out the lighting and stuff.

So I am totally rambling and thinking out loud. Ugh sorry to the few that read my stupid blog ;)
It gets to be too much sometimes, and I shut my head off from all things wedding, then something comes up and it seems to be all I think about. I can't wait til we have some things in place and are making foward progress. I'll be super-relieved!

For now I have to get back to work. We're getting so close to figuring out this big lymphoma thing for a presentation at the American Society of Hematologists. Too bad I am too unimportant to be flown down to NOLA for the conference. Dang.

More later!

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