Thursday, November 05, 2009


I noticed last night that those little birdies are starting their eastward migration towards "0"

I know it's not wedding Wednesday and all...but am I allowed to admit that there are times I am so overwhelmed with this wedding junk that I don't even want to plan? It's true. I do it because in the end I *think* I will care. Some days I feel totally and ridiculously triumphant, especially when it comes to saving cash and reducing our budget. I mean I jumped around Jam's apartment over the weekend saying something to the effect of "Take that b*tches, I will NOT pay $100 for monogrammed cocktail napkins when I can make 500 of my own for $10!! mwahahahahahah!"
The nice thing is I think there will be friends around to help. I hope so. And if any of you single ladies reading this ever have a wedding, please feel free to ask me to be your paper/scissors/sewing/menial task slave. I get it now, how much work all this is - not that I wouldn't have helped before - but now, don't bother penciling me in for help, write that sh*t in ink.

I often cope with stress/boredom/sadness with shopping. It is akin to prozac to me. Which is kind of dangerous I know, but I tend to only use it as a last resort. I went on a several hundred $$ shopping spree at Ann Taylor Loft after my parakeet's drawn out death due to a mysterious illness that required me to medicate it with milk thistle drops. Have you ever tried to get a parakeet to take its medication? Yeah. STRESSFUL. Then the freakin' thing died anyways. Totally shopped for that one, though I was much more reserved when parakeet Lucy died. I think I bought myself a macchiato instead of a Dunkin Donuts coffee the next day. So that's just animals. Don't even get me started on what I do when a person I know dies. I get weird about "life being short" and "money is just money" and buy like, a laptop. Rational? NO.

Does it make me feel good? Yes. Even if it's temporary.

Call me materialistic. Go ahead. Some take solace in food or sex (both of which I enjoy) but for me, the endorphin-rush comes from shopping. Let's not even talk about how I get the warm fuzzies just from walking by Sephora. ha ha ha.

Anyways, Monday I felt FED UP with LIFE all scattered, stressed from work, stressed about moneyfitnessweddingcrafts. If it existed in life, it stressed me out. Suddenly, I just knew a new iPod would make me feel better. Oh yeah, I totally get that this sounds like THE MOST RIDICULOUS THING EVER. Because it is. But because I embrace the fact that I am a positively ridiculous person, I bought an iPod. Yep.

I won't lie. If I had known the "it's-like-heroin-the-first-time" high I would get from holding this thing in my hand, I probably would've bought it, um, forever ago. Totally.

I've spent the last couple days putting apps on it. The bubblewrap app, mah jong, the BIRD app, allrecipes, shazam, kindle app. It effing rules. I also have a couple thousand songs and 13 movies on there (granted one is a 45-minute pilates workout. *guffaws*). I told Jamaal that I practically wanted to bang my iPod, that's how sexy I found it. He suggested that I do just that and hang up the phone so he could watch the rest of the Yankees game. Oh, that Jamaal!

If anyone out there is looking for some serious retail therapy, I totally recommend the iPod touch. Some people have questioned why I didn't just buy an iPhone. There are a bunch of reasons, but here are some basics:
1. I have a blackberry I love. I have dropped that thing a million times. I'm hard on it and it still loves me. An iPhone would've divorced me by now.
2. space - I didn't even max out the memory available for the iPod touch - I got the 32gb because I am cheap (ok I know that's relative when you're talking about a couple hundred bucks). I wanted to put ALL of my music on there and most of my movies. It's mostly for commuting, so I wanted to max the activities/media I'm able to put on there.
3. having all my stuff in one machine - the hassle of switching to an iPhone was not worth it to me. I don't mind having two things to carrry.

I totally get the allure of the iPhone though, absolutely, I'm just sayin' - iPod Touch? WORTHY AND WORTH IT!

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