Monday, November 16, 2009

Etiquette Talk

First of all
*let us never again speak of the devastating loss the NE Patriots suffered during Sunday night football*

Ooook now that that is out of the way.


I posed a question on weddingbee today: should we lie about our ceremony time?
We've decided to get married at 2:30. Jam insists on putting "2 PM" on our invites.
I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I want everyone to be there, butts in pews, and not walking in whenever. Then again, I want to start on time, because I LIKE being on time, and I like to stick to a schedule. But we have friends we love who are always late....and friends who are always early and may be frustrated to wait 45 minutes. The wedding bees had mixed reactions to this. A good many said to lie. Some said that they would be totally annoyed waiting 45 minutes for a bride to walk down the aisle. Most said to print 2pm on the invite, and walk down the aisle at 2:15pm. I think I like this the most. It's a compromise for everyone. And the powers above forbid, if someone important is super-late (his mom, my grandma, etc) we will wait. And blame them when the guests complain. ha ha ha.

So that being solved, I trolled weddingbee a bit more and stumbled upon a photography blog. Naturally I am interested by interracial couples, so I was drawn to one of their weddings in particular, so I clicked to open their entire wedding photo gallery. The bride was so beautiful and everyone looked so happy. Then I saw this picture:
You might be like "what? I don't get it?!" Look just to the left of the bride, at the guy in the gray jacket. What is in his ear? A FRICKIN' BLUETOOTH. O em gee.
If I were the bride and I saw that (she probably didn't notice because, hey, she did just get married) I would flick it out of his ear. Those people who wear bluetooths 24-7 irritate me NO END. Why would you ever presume you were SO important that you had to wear a bluetooth to a friend's/family member's wedding? No idea. So any guests reading this, if you wear a bluetooth to my wedding, you'd better have a damn good reason, like you're waiting for the hospital to call you about your kidney transplant or your wife is in labor (though why you'd show at the wedding if you had that going on in your life is beyond me!) Otherwise, you will TOTALLY get flicked!


everything and nothing said...

Hey, I would totally go with 15 minutes as well. A half-hour is lying, but 15 min. is just wiggle room. (Speaking as someone who is consistently late or early but never on time.)
PS: I'm so weird. My first thought was: Maybe the dude wears a hearing aid and is totally self-conscious about it, so has cleverly disguised it behind a bluetooth.
Yeah, I don't know. I'm crazy.

Al said...

ha ha ha well obviously hearing aids would be allowed. I think this guy is just not even thinking about how toolish he is by wearing a bluetooth!

so someone on weddingbee just said something to the effect "you don't get invited to a dinner party at 5pm and expect for the food to be waiting for you on the table...the same goes for weddings..." it might be a stretch, but I like her reasoning. I never realized that the topic would raise so much discussion. Though there is kind of fight happening on the board about whether lateness= not caring about the bride and groom (I don't think personally). Wonder if I can kill the thread!