Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Night

Gah, how do these weekends fly by?? Insanity.

I actually dropped a day of NaBloPoMo without even realizing it, probably because whenever Jamaal is here for the weekend, we try and pack as much as possible into 48 hours or this weekend, Jam was departing at 6 am Sunday morning to get to New Jersey for some pre-Jets game tailgating.

You know, it's totally cheesy and part of me cringes to admit it, but through my slightly tipsy stupor on Friday night, as I watched Jamaal laugh at something stupid along with my parents, I felt this incredible contentment deep down inside. Then I start thinking about "the powers above that brought us together" blah blah blah even though I am not particularly religious and am often quite cynical about things like "faith," "fate," and "meant to be." Know that I am rolling my eyes at myself as I type this, oh gag...I am not "that" girl. But seriously, I just felt so happy knowing that this is the guy I'm ending up with. I'm lucky. Of course I tend to get intensely emotional when intoxicated...though I always tell the truth...

Ok back to regular Allison.

So we had a productive weekend and had a fantastic meeting with our wedding photographer, a long-time family friend. Photography is probably the most important aspect of the wedding in terms of vendors. The DJ, musicians, video guy, etc, don't tend to get me so excited, but the photographer? Definitely a priority - maybe it's because I'm a scrapbooker. Anyway, it's great that I used to work with James a bit. I mostly landscaped for him but on occasion he would have me come into the production room and work on family reprint orders and bridal proof books. I didn't know at 17 that this would later give me a huge advantage when working with a photographer at my own wedding. We click well - I had already made certain plans about particular aspects of the day that would make James' job easier, and he was happy to hear that I was a bit ahead of the game. I guess looking through pictures and coordinating the timing of the day made everything sink it - in 11 or so months, this is really happening.

We rewarded our two hours of planning with McDonald's. Twice in one week for me, so bad, but oh so delicious.

The rest of Saturday was totally lazy. Jam knocked off two cover letters and I watched way too much HGTV. We tried to decide on a movie to catch whilst watching a papa lion kill a hyena on Animal Planet - and of course could not decide. In the end we skipped the proposed "2012" because neither one of us could bear the thought of sitting through it for 2 hours and 4o minutes and headed to the Olive Garden for some cheap eats disguised as Italian food. Because we are a classy couple like that. And yes, we avoided the seawall in Hull as the hurrican remnants caused an ocean surge that would've been lapping at the hubcaps of the subaru!

My Sunday has been equally lazy, though my sister and I were totally entertained by two kids in our church's jr. high fellowship group. We only had the two show this week, and we weren't sure if that would make our scripture scavenger hunt fun or totally lame, but we pulled it off fairly well. For boys that usually only want to play dodge ball, they were forced to invest some serious time in Bible verses (I was impressed with their navigation of the Bible, to tell you the truth) and have some fun finding stuff we hid around the church hall. I think the associate pastor will be proud to see what we did all by ourselves.

Funny moment of the weekend: The boys were doing their scavenger hunt, looking for the one item that really stumped them "rings." One says to my sister and I "Are you two married?" Because it's 1. Massachusetts and 2. a UCC Congregational Church (i.e. we marry same-sex couples) and 3. I don't get what he's actually getting at I say " each other?" The poor kid. He was like 'NO no, oh NO NO!!" Amy says "Yeah cause we're sisters...." He's like "no no no I know that, I mean, do you have rings on your fingers, that's what I meant!"
Bwahahahahah poor kid. Totally embarrassed. We're bringing the two guys that showed Dunkin Donuts gift cards next week, so I think they'll forgive us.

Also, I mentioned I "graduated" from middle school in 1996. One said "Oh!! The year I was born!"

Ha ha ha HILARIOUS. Thanks. Old lady signing off to go watch the Patriots kick some Manning ASSSSSS.

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