Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wedding Wednesday 6/54

Ironic that this wedding Wednesday should come in the wake of Maine's disappointing vote. My friend EE and I talked about this a bit today, and I won't go into the discussion from weddingbee and my following discussion with EE. Though I laughed when she said "Thanks for loving the gays Al" (oh she is of the lady-loving persuasion, thus her free and easy use of "the gays" lol)...I thought at the time "jeez. if only that were enough."

Well, because I am of the man-loving persuasion (anyone watch "Grey's"? Remember the episode when the Chief finds out about Joe the bartender? "Man Love! It''s beautiful..." ha ha ha) I get to continue with my wedding plans without any fear they will be squashed by people who think that equal marriage will make the core temperature of the earth rise and we will be flooded by the seas...oh wait...that's global warming, and those same people don't believe in that I digressing? yes. Apologies to those who read my blog in which I sometimes sound completely illiterate. Ha ha.

So yes, continuing on with the wedding plans because unless we jump back about 70 years and move down South, Jam and I should be able to continue without a hitch.

First, a moment of silence for all the poor brides and grooms who had planned to get married in this barn. Oy.

I guess it's just proof that even the best laid plans can go terribly terribly wrong. Mother nature can intervene. But for now, we've got some things settled for sure.

Ceremony Venue: First Church of Christ Middletown.
I am ecstatic about finding this venue. They are UCC members, same as my current church, and open and affirming. Love it. It's a bit large for us, but we'll take it. The church is a bit pricier than we expected, but they have been great to work with and are even allowing us to bring in my pastor to marry us - solo, no "home team" preacher weighing in. They are just a chill group of people. I hope Jam and I get to visit the church during worship so we can thank everyone personally for their help thus far and for loaning us their church.

Reception Venue: The Barns (why I had extra extra pity for bee Miss Snowman)

This was love at first sight for me....not so for Jamaal, though he told me about a month ago that he was "falling in love with the Barns for the first time." yayayayayay. This barn set on a beautiful piece of property. Inside, it is a blank slate awaiting our decorating prowess. This simultaneously excites and stresses me. On the one hand, my control freak side loves that this venue is as is until it's decorated, ie no ugly carpet and tacky curtains. On the other hand, when will we have time to decorate? Um, we'll get to that.

My dress...ha ha no such luck, Jam would kill me if he saw it here!

The maids: Navy.

Good ol' David's Bridal. They may have sold my cell number to every vendor on the South Shore, but they make affordable and pretty dresses in a myriad of syles. We're going with navy and about a selection of 12-15 styles the maids can choose. Hopefully everyone will be happy.

That's some of the big stuff for now. There's lots more for later. I have to be up in 5 hours though, so I'm heading to bed!


everything and nothing said...

Weddings!! That church is beautiful. It reminds me of a lot of Western Mass with all the red stone.
PS: Have I mentioned that first dress looks ridiculously flattering? Too bad I have sworn off anything requiring special undergarments.
PPS: I have been commenting on your blog with ridiculous frequency for the past week. Do you mind?

Al said...

There will be many dresses to choose from - and I hope most of them do not require special undergarments and are universally flattering. That is the goal :D