Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I keep thinking that I want to graduate so badly because I can't wait to reclaim a normal life. And maybe go to the gym once in a while. And definitely sew more...and knit more..and run...maybe a marathon? And of course, plan THE WEDDING.


Anonymous said...

gawd...i hear you! and i'm only on my undergrad (so one would assume i know how to capitalize, but i digress...). I keep saying how much better things will be when i'm FINALLY DONE and can get a real job where I make more than 11 bucks an hour.
And all the things I would have actual time for an not let me fit this in if i can-time for.
Awesome seeing you and Amy this past weekend!!!

Al said...

Alex, I am so glad we got together :D I'm not even lying when I say it was the highlight of my week!! The picture is at my desk too, it makes me smile! Hang in there with your school stuff. I'm not exactly qualified to be giving out advice due to the fact that grad school reduced me to tears once again last night, but keep fighting the good fight, you can DO IT! And it WILL be worth it in the end, that's the one of the few things that has really kept me going!!