Monday, April 28, 2008

I is for Irresponsible

So apparently I irresponsibly forgot a credit card payment last month on my Ann Taylor Loft account. Yup, I owed a minimum payment of $10. So criminal. I paid it a week ago or so. On Saturday I started receiving calls from a collection agency. I didn't answer them, but know it's the number of a WFFNB collection agency because I googled it, and the internet gave me all the answers.

Speaking of which, can we have a moment for the internet and all the wonderful things it has brought us? Like Ravelry and blogs, instant news, photosharing on flickr, marketplaces like ebay and etsy and OH, WEBSITES THAT LIST PHONE NUMBERS THAT ARE BOGUS OR COLLECTION AGENCIES!

Anyways, my answer to these calls was to pay off all the ridiculous balances I was carrying on my WFFNB cards (ATL, Victoria's Secret, JCrew, Ny&Co....I only had balances on two though, the other two were ZERO!). Jamaal says that I should answer the calls and get a the people from the collection agency to promise me in writing that this little kerfluffle will not f*ck my credit score. He is right. Jam, are you reading? YOU ARE RIGHT. But as I told him, I don't even care any more. Don't care. Paid it off, case closed.

Of course this is financially irresponsible. I know. And if we can't get a mortgage because I forgot to make a $10 payment on an Ann Taylor card in April 2008 while being in school part time, working full time and under special extraordinary family stress yet still paying every other credit card and bill on time, I think we have a problem, and it's not me, it's the g-d*mn system. I don't think this will f*ck us over, but I do understand Jam wanting me to follow up on this because 1. that is what he would do, and be a bastard to the company to the point where they'd be like 'oh no, let us pay YOU for using our card and being a loyal customer' (because he is one of those people who complains and then gets sh*t for free, whereas I would simply be asked to leave the restaurant) 2. he is a businessman and 3. we're engaged, gonna be married and singing the song all Whitney Houston style "Your debt is my debt, and my debt is your would take an eternity to pay it off...the chains of Chase Manhattan would still hold us"
Sigh. I know I should call and make a fuss. But the thought makes me just want to 1. sleep 2. cry 3. vomit 4. all of the above. I can't deal. So I'm choosing irresponsibility. Considering I've been pretty damn responsible about everything else in life lately, I'm hoping that everyone will accept me for the flawed human being that I am and let this one slllide.


everything and nothing said...

Hi! I am posting crazily on your blog. I say go ahead and be irresponsible for now. Not that this is even irresponsible... whatever...
Also, hope your cousin is feeling better.

Elizabeth said...

Consider it slid.

Also - you're a freaking rockstar and don't you forget it.

Love, 2xE