Sunday, April 27, 2008

G and H

I'm still here, and I'm sticking to the letters.

As for G, I don't know about anyone else, but I eagerly awaited the return of Grey's Anatomy last Thursday night. No, I'm not the type of person who cries when a show goes off the air or anything, but I really felt like the writer's strike threw off the balance of the universe, and I'm happy to have Grey's back. world in order once again.

Hospital - The reason I've been absent. My cousin and my father's closest living relative is critically ill in the hospital. She's been there for two weeks and has declined steadily. I'm sad because this is really the only person left for my father, we're all really stressed at home with her being sick, some crap that's going down at my father' s job, and to add to my personal stress, we've got school and the simple existence of May and June. I have one free weekend in May and no free weekends in June. While everyone loves weddings and parties, the amount of them squished into this short period and the fact that 4 of the events will occur out of state stress me out, because nearly all of them require a car filled with gasoline and a gift. I think people will be cool regarding the gas and we can work out splitting it if a bunch of us carpool, but still. I am stressing a bit. Right now I am trying to think positively about my cousin's frankly grave state and my finals, but I am sort of just holding my breath and hoping things go well. Like they say in Botswana, I'm standing on one toe...

Happy Birthday. Finally on a happier note, I had a fantastic birthday with my sister. She took me to Oasis Day Spa to have my nails done and it was soooo relaxing. We then headed to the Cape for lunch and tea and to buy some jewelry.....then I googled yarn shops on my cell phone (like a true knit-a-holic) and we drove to a yarn shop where I found 10 skeins of Noro for $40, a perfect starter for the coveted Lizard Ridge afghan I would like to start. To top it off, Ame made a strawberry rhubarb pie and an awesome and quirky cross stitch picture for me, a picture of all these little woodland creatures going to a party with their hats on:
I just love it, and it's even cuter in person....I'm looking at it now. Plus she hand painted the frame! I think we are going to try and open an etsy shop for our cross stitch work soon. we'll have to see.

Well that's it. It's been kind of a crap month with a few gems here and there. I can only hope that things will start looking up in May....I HOPE.


everything and nothing said...

Thank you! I was so starved for entertainment, after checking your blog approximately twenty times I resorted to updating my own blog.

Marisol said...

Well said.