Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cross Post from ISE 5

Because ISE 5 is having issues!!

Well as we charge towards November (and I know some of us are already there :) I figured I'd better get a post up. I was waiting until I was halfway done with the scarf, then I finished it and was waiting to photograph it in some nice natural light. Well that didn't happen but here it is in all it's bad lighting glory:

It's the Angel Pearls Beaded Stole. This is my first crack at knitting lace, knitting with beads and first intense blocking experience and though I was very wary throughout a good deal of the process I am very excited by the result. I hope my pal likes it too - I'm aiming to get this out over the weekend, so this blue scarf might be trucking (or more likely flying) it's way towards YOU!

I know my partner has finished my scarf, but I'm pretty sure I haven't figured out who it is yet....but then again the scarves I've seen on this blog are so beautiful, I'd be grateful for any one of them. Happy knitting all :)

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