Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh My Poor Abandoned Blog!

*sniff* It's been ignored for so long that I signed up for NaBloPoMo just so it would get some lovin'

so let's pick up from Costa Rica Day 2:

Costa Rica Day 3: Chicken of the Tree, Cano Negro River Tour, Jabirus, Monkeys, Caiman, the best lunch ever, birds and birds and birds, hiking around Arenal, seeing LAVA! and more happy exhaustion.

Costa Rica Day 4: We travel from Arenal to Monteverde by bus, boat, horse and bus again. It rocked

Costa Rica Day 5: Quetzals, Monteverde, Ziplining, Hummingbirds, Tree Houses

Costa Rica Day 6: Monteverde to Quepos by bus. Long ride, but beautiful. Pacific Ocean, green mountains, Costa Verde

Costa Rica Day 7: MANGROVE TOUR a trip highlight, Manuel Antonio, sloths, squirrel monkeys, bodysurfing on a perfect beach, El Avion

Costa Rica Day 8: Quepos to San Jose by bus. Morning spent in Quepos at the farmer's market, vibrant vegetables and fruits, shopping, long long long bus ride, last dinner with the group.

Costa Rica Day 9: Leave for Newark. We say goodbye to our friends. The trip was amazing. Just amazing. I wish I could go back tomorrow....

Amy had a birthday. Heh. Jamaal had a birthday. Heh heh.

I went kayaking with my dad and sister and I went to tea with my mom and sister

I went to an air show with my dad and his friends

I went to New Hampshire and relaxed, watching storms, sunsets, sunrises and loons

The whole family celebrated my grandparent's 55th wedding anniversary on the Odyssey in Boston Harbor. It was soooo fun. I hope I have the long-life and happiness genes!

I played with fire

I went on a girlie weekend and shopped and shopped and shopped and went to the Bridge of Flowers

Spent some time at Foster Parrots

Jam's Goddaughter had her first birthday (awwwrr)

Amy and I saw Rilo Kiley and Brandi Carlile featuring A Fine Frenzy (though not at the same concert). THE WERE SO BADASS. Rilo Kiley is just awesome. THEY'RE AWESOME. A Fine Frenzy is amazing, a real up and coming group, and Brandi Carlile is simply a f*cking Rock Star. Seriously. I had video clips all ready for you but haven't figured out how to splice them together or how to save them because QuickTime is asking me to upgrade to pro if I want to save stuff and to that I say "meh."

Oh and I reached the halfway point with grad school and Jamaal started his MBA program at Babson surrounded by fabulous people!

Plus, I've been crafty as hell:

So yeah. Now you're basically caught up. What am I doing right now? I'm still at school still at work busting my rear for a conference we're having here at the end of next week. I'm also part of International Scarf Exchange 5!! It's been a lot of fun doing this swap - my first internet swap was the ornament swap last year and that was a great experience, but the scarf exchange is even more personal. The person spoiling me is from Australia while I'm spoiling a Canadian. Fabulous! I can't wait to amass some small gifts for my spoilee, but at the moment I'm a bit puzzled. Luckily have a little while before the scarf needs to be in the mail. Phew. Right now I'm focused on today, getting through work, having my brows waxed at lunch, getting home, running errands, and settling down with some beer, pizza and knitting and watching the Sox. Ooooh exciting life. And tomorrow, it's Foster Parrots in the morning and then The Collection for a ladies afternoon. Life's good. Hope I'll be sharing it more often ;) Hope you're well out there in blogland!

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