Thursday, October 25, 2007


Red Sox Hangover

I love the Red Sox. It's no great secret. So when for the second time in my life they make the ALCS and then the Series, naturally I AM GOING TO WATCH because at any moment in time we could lapse back into an 86-year drought. So I watch the games. Til the end, the very end, til the pitcher has walked off the mound and the last batter put down his bat, because that way I know for sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that my Red Sox have won the game. The thing is though, that these games start around 8 and go til whenever. But I can't not watch. So each morning after a game, I haul myself out of bed, walk zombie-like through my house getting showered and dressed, drive in a trance to the train and fall into a brief yet deep sleep as my train flies through the 'burbs and into Boston. I feel like I spent the night dancing on a table showering in tequila instead of lying in a darkened room propped on a pillow trying to keep my eyes open through a baseball game. All in all though? It's soooo worth it.


African Kelli said...

I was able to go to a Red Sox game in Fenway a couple years ago and it was an awesome experience. WOO HOO! Go Sox! (Although I thought they were collectively much cuter with Johnny Damon.)

Al said...

ha ha soooo true