Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Right now I'm sitting at Tufts in their little student center eatery thingie. I don't know what it's called exactly because I try not to spend excessive amounts of time here if I can help it, but this place has a more than decent wireless connection and you can eat and drink freely, whereas food and beverage must be smuggled into the library. Not that I do it, but you know.

About 10 or so minutes ago a massive red-tailed hawk landed on the lamppost just outside. I noticed it immediately, as one would something with I dunno a 24'' wingspan. My fellow students, however, are completely oblivious. I thought though, given that the lamppost is not exceedingly high off the ground, that a passerby would take note. Not the case. Thirty people including a Poland Springs delivery man with a stack of boxes have passed within a yard of that lamppost and not a single person has looked up. Not one.

The hawk has looked down quite frequently. He doesn't seem to give to crackling sh*ts about the poeple below. Probably because he is smarter than a great majority of them. Heh. Now I'm not quite sure who is more satisfied with the ignorance of the passersby - the hawk, or the bird nerd biologist (me).

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