Friday, October 09, 2009


Can we just look at that obnoxious little counter thingie?
1 year to go.
Some people would be like 'shut up and calm down a year is plenty of time'
when you've been engaged for 1 year and 7 months (as of 10/13) that amount of time is scary.

The good thing is we've accomplished a lot of "big things."
My hairdresser said yesterday "well of course everything is done, you've been engaged forever"
Aha ha ha ha. ha. HA.

Unrelated: I am at work obscenely early to head to NYC. Ok that really made no sense. I am at work early because I needed a ride to the T so I wouldn't have to leave my car anywhere til Monday. My mom works 6am-2pm and passes right by the Braintree T stop. Thus the early arrival to work. I had a stroke of genius (or maybe just common sense) that the commuter rail would be coming through and then stopping at JFK. Perfect! Then halfway down the ramp to the commuter rail (the dark, creepy, unLIT ramp) I remembered my train didn't stop at Braintree that early. Luckily another train did. Whatevs. It was sooo nice at that hour. Quiet, only half full. I thought "I could do this every day....I could get on the 5:4something train, get to work at 6:30, leave around 3:30 or so, catch the 4:28 train at JFK and be home by 5pm. Then I could work out and.......

and...then I remembered how much I hate to get up in the morning and thought

Ha. Slacker.

OK, this post has no point at all really.

I am going to get all the documents I need to work on my way to NYC - I hope I'm not the only person on their cell phone, because I really don't want to be "that obnoxious girl" but I have to be on a call at 1pm. Forgive fellow passengers!

Also, I am very excited for the wedding I'm going to this weekend. The couple is actually friends with Jamaal (I think he introduced them to each other!) and have been together for a loooong time. Of course my hater coworkers were all "They'll be divorced in a year because those things never work out." Those women are so b*tchy sometimes. UGH. I am excited for them because it has been a long time coming!! I'm also excited because it'll be one of the few weddings I've been to where I've known more than the bride, groom and Jamaal with a few other people thrown in. There will be lots of familiar faces at this one. YAY! Also, now that I am planning a wedding, I love going to them to see people's ideas. Not that I would be an idea-stealer. Oh heck no. :)

OK. It's coffee time.

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