Thursday, October 08, 2009

Scary hair!

I always put off going to the hairdresser's. Not cause it's inconvenient, or even expensive. I just slack. I dunno why.

I think I last went about 6 months ago when Jamaal "graduated." Yikes. I was pretty nonchalant about it, not too worried. Plus my scalp is like, FREAKING OUT about the summer-fall weather change and is all flaky. Ew. Is that an overshare? Probably. But I hate to subject my sainted hairdresser to such grossness, though I am sure he sees it at least 10 times a day. Plus I go to a fru fru Newbury St. salon and try to only go there when 1. my hair looks good 2. my scalp is appropriately moisturized 3. I have on a cute outfit 4. I have on makeup.
Those are my not to be broken rules. Not bad considering I only go there two or three times a year.

Today I am breaking the rules. The hideousness must end. I am wearing my hair loose and curly today, and it flopped over to on shoulder, all dead animal like. As I looked down I noticed it is FULL of split ends. And not just like 'oh poor little overworked hair end, you are about to give!' These are like full on half-inch splits. Yikes! I had to bite the bullet.

I called and my hairdresser, cause he rocks, can fit me in in an hour and a half. Yup. I'm going to go there with my ugly outfit, no makeup, zit on bridge of nose (should I hide it with my glasses? oh, I'll have to take them off anyways, screw it) and no makeup. And dry scalp and busted hair. LOL. I hope he'll forgive me. And I hope there aren't any women in there with their fancy jeans and prada bags and gucci glasses to make me ashamed of my Vera Bradley owl wallet.

Oh who am I kidding? Of course those women will be there! Of course I will feel toolish! But I DO LIKE MY OWL WALLET. And I'll feel pretty when it's done. And I'll leave work early tomorrow and get a pedicure and feel highly satisfied with life. Yes. SEIZE THE DAY!

But for now, I have to spend the next hour talking about lymphoma (what I research; I have metioned this, yes? well there it is.)

Ok, off to work I go.


Elizabeth said...

I'm almost definitely going to chop my hair off. And when I say off, I really mean it. Not shorter but still long -- I mean OFF. I won't shave my head cause that's just excessive, but I'm making a radical change. I watched Private Practice last night and thought, "Ooh! Addison's hair is hawt this season! I could do that!" And then I realized it took multiple products and hair styling tools plus a stylist to get it that perfect. Forget it. I want something a) Nice b) Lesbianic c) Easy.


Al said...

OK. If you want a change GFI. Just don't change b/c you think it will help you define yourself as a lesbian! I like the a. and c. reasoning better!

elizabeth said...

It's done! Wait till you see it!

Al said...

Should I be nervous? LOL

everything and nothing said...

It's me. I haven't checked the blog in forever (by which I mean two weeks). I can't believe Elizabeth actually cut her hair! My hair is nasty. I'm just wearing it up because I similarly am not feeling cool enough to get done. That is all.