Friday, October 02, 2009

Missed it!

You know how I said "oh blah blah blah I'm going to blog on Wednesdays about wedding plans and call in Wedding Wednesdays blah blah blah"?
And then I didn't blog on Wednesday at all?

Yup. Total fail.

Truth is, I am totally swamped at work. I am busting my rear to get some serious stuff in order to meet an October 15th deadline. Also, my sister and I have been flying solo at the homestead as the parentals are away on a Mediterranean cruise - not that it's not awesome to have a house to yourself, but we've been switching off making dinner. I get home around 6:15 or so and get to it, then exercise, then eat around 8pm and flop in front of the TV - blogging hasn't really factored into the schedule.

I am also plugging away at a crafty project that rocks my world, totally ignoring a wedding knitting project I'm supposed to be working on (ooops) so yeah. That's what I've been doing.

I will say a bit about wedding junk though.
It's been a productive week.

I found a church - a UCC Congregational church which is an "Open and Affirming" church. That meant a lot to me - I guess just because I believe if you want to get married, you should be able to, no matter what (ok within reason, it would not be cool for a guy to marry his sister, but you know what I mean). I had emailed eight churches looking for one that was willing to host our wedding and allow our pastor to perform the ceremony - I got seven "sures" and one rambling "we can't do it because we are not O&A and your marriage wouldn't be legal in Connecticut so if you live in another state blah blah blah so you can't use our church.....oh, unless your fiance is a man." Um yeah, well, he IS, but forget it, we don't want to use your church!
So yes, church done, and only blocks from the hotel and an 8-minute drive from The Barns.

Today I reserved the bridal suite at the Inn at Middletown for three nights. Take that bride who took our original church! mwahahahha. Ok that's mean. BUT TAKE THAT!

Umm what else - not too much really, but this weekend I need to sit down and sort through all my wedding junk and work on "the big picture" a bit more, as well as some details. I've got so much in my head that needs to come out, because once it's all in one accessible place, the planning process is going to be pretty straighforward because I have concrete ideas, which is great. I think I scare Jamaal sometimes when I email him midday with an email all in caps being like "CAN I BUY THESE BIRD STAMPS ON EBAY - THE AUCTION ENDS IN 3 MINUTES. THESE WOULD BE GOOD FOR OUR INVITES" and he's all "uh whatever, just go for it" but I think once he sees the plan he'll feel better, knowing I'm not just gathering random sh*t together. Or maybe I am, ha ha ha. Who knows. We have a year to get it together and everyone keeps telling us how that year is going to fly by and be barely enough time, but I'm hoping it's more than sufficient to get everything done and relax the few days before the wedding so I'm not a grumbly mess on our honeymoon.
Plenty of time to worry about that though, right?

Anyways, I am off to do my pre-weekend chores at work (feeding fish, watering plants, doing dishes) before I jet out of here to stop at the yarn store and bring my grandparents some pumpkin bread. My grandma had lithrotripsy and is down down down :( I'm hoping a visit from me and Amy and some pumpkin bread will lift her spirits. Oh that and a print out of wedding-related info because she will not let it go. This way, my grandpa can look up everything on the computer to his heart's content and show her pictures of the church, hotel, etc. Can you tell I'm the first grandchild getting married?!?!

Off I go. Happy weekend all!

P to the S
I could not be in love with these any more if I tried - I'm hoping the budget will have room for one of these in the end!

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