Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Freaking out

I am freaking out!
Today I found out that there is another wedding at the church I scoped out. You know, the church in the perfect location, non-denominational bring your own clergy perfect?
Yeah that one.

The thing is that it's not my church, so it's not that I'm sad about the location or freaking out because someone else is getting married in the place I've dreamed of walking down the aisle since I was a little kid. Oh hell no. The church, while lovely, was simply the symbolic structure we were looking for. And a roof over our heads in case of rain. What really mattered was getting the officiant we wanted, and we have.

So why is my tinsel in a tangle?

I have to scramble again....and totally rethink getting married at the reception site, getting married outside. etc. whole new can o' worms. I know someone is out there reading this saying "calm down" or "breathe" or some sh*t, but in this moment, I am freaking.

I do know what would make me feel a ton better though: shopping, mani/pedi.
I wasn't gonna do it, but tomorrow, that's where you'll find me, at the Pru buying makeup and spanx and the cheap nail place by 7/11 in Brigham Circle. Visualizing this helps. LOL.


K said...

Hi - just an idea - I know you can't be far from me. My friend (5 years ago) and her sister (1 week ago) got married at the Unitarian (?I think) Church in Weymouth (I think it's called Old South Union?) across from SS Hospital? Anyway, my friend brought in her own officiant and her sister used theirs and they were cool with either. Hope you find something that works for you!

Al said...

Oh thank you! I am not far from Weymouth, but sadly we are getting married in Connecticut. However, I will look into Unitarian Churches in the area; UU would fits nicely with UCC (both pretty liberal). I didn't think of that at all - thank you much!