Monday, September 14, 2009

Can we PAUSE

for just a second in the midst of all this happy warm fuzzy beautiful junk an ponder


Gah. Unbelievable. Thank goodness Beyonce was raised with class.


everything and nothing said...

HI! Sorry I didn't call you last week.
Seriously, Kanye's actions make me feel extreme sympathy for Taylor "I Can't Believe People Pay to Hear Her Sing" Swift. That's a lot of D*****. [No offense to Taylor Swift fans-- I'm sure she's a great songwriter/ guitar player/ stage presence/nice person, etc.]
I do enjoy that Kanye isn't just an ass with no class. He's also intermittently OUT OF HIS MIND and a raging egomaniac with a persecution complex.
PS: Yes, I think I am a little stir crazy at work today.

Al said...

Oh but you always make me laugh! Of course I pointed out to Amy that I wasn't sure why I was so upset because 1. VMA's seriously? who cares? 2. celebs in general - ehhhhhh it's not like they live in the real world 3. how would we be entertained without Kanye?

But then I think of poor little Taylor Swift's face and how hard she must've worked to get that bright red lipstick not to feather into her foundation and think 'yep, kanye's a d*ck'. Though I do think I will sound much better educated if i just say he is a 'raging egomaniac with a persecution complex' lol