Thursday, September 03, 2009


There is a certain beauty in baking.

Julie in Julie and Julia says something to the effect of "when you have a bad day you know you can come home and mix egg yolks and sugar and chocolate and create something wonderful"

It is sooo true. At 10 o'clock tonight I realized I had forgotten (between two martinis, a hunk of cheese, a chicken dinner and two phone calls with two lovely people with whom I have not spoken in what seems like forever!) to make my cousin a little birthday gift - cookies, to send up to school.

While it was 10, and normally I would stress to undertake ANY task at that hour, the simplicity and measured goodness of baking outweighed my tiredness, my frustration about my still undiagnosed leg pain and the Patriots losing their last exhibition game of the season (they won in the end!) - baking is beautiful.

Forgive the crap cell phone pics!

I chose to make my cousin some m&m cookies based on my fail-proof chocolate chip cookie recipe.

It has brown sugar....and I just love squishing brown sugar down into a measuring cup:

I also love mixing the sugars with the butters, especially in this recipe that calls for melted and cooled butter. The ingredients come together to make a beautiful caramel-colored batter. Jamaal would probably say something mildly inappropriate for this bit, like "mixing is gooooooood" LOL.
The excitement as the raw materials enter the oven:Eighteen minutes later - VOILA!

The perfect, most beautiful m&m cookies I've ever seen (yeah I'm totally biased!)

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