Thursday, September 17, 2009


Jamaal is done with his MBA today.

Excuse me while I do a little dance.


Also, I finally heard from the orthopedist. He says I have "really messed up shin splints"
Good right? Not really. They're the precursor to stress fractures (so great that I for once had the sense to go to a doctor), so it's good that I don't have a stress fracture, but bad in the sense that it may as well be one in terms of treatment and recovery. There is no treatment but not to run, I can try running if I take motrin beforehand (um yeah, I saw that aspirin/marathon runner episode of Grey's. Motrin isn't aspirin, but....uh NO) and after reading this article, I am very hesitant to medicate every time I run. Yikes, no thanks. Actually my coworker did that and ended up with a bleeding ulcer. Of course she was teeny tiny and probably overdosed on nsaids but still. I guess I'll be resting it for a while. Hopefully I can find some non-running activity in the meantime, gotta stay in shape for the wedding!!


everything and nothing said...

Yay for Jamaal. I guess shin splints is goodish news? At least better than no results. Hope your trip to the slightly sketch nail place is fun and relaxing!

Elizabeth said...

I biked all the way to work yesterday! I wonder how biking would feel. It's certainly less stressful than running, especially if you worked up to outdoor biking by starting on a stationary bike at the gym...

I'm going to be in shape for your wedding too! This is a gentle hint to find one spot on your guest list for The Perfect Elizabethan Lesbian Set-Up of Glorious and Instant LOOOOOVE. Cause I'll be ready! And it's not like you have much else to do to get ready for that day. ;)

Al said...

E&N: good in the sense they didn't progress to breaking my leg, bad in the sense there is no fix! I'll deal though...I already bought a new pilates tool (a pilates ring) in hopes I may tone muscles now weak from not running!

EE: biking is it! I have a bike rack for my car I have never used. I am thinking of getting ready for some sprint triathlons. My friend does them and was describing them and since the running is kept to a minimum, it might be the perfect new test of endurance! I can't hang up the dream of running Boston, but for now, an alternative is a must! Be careful on that bike! Also, I think the only thing our guest list truly lacks are gays, LOL. We have black, white (obvi) asian, hispanic, indian, old, young, west coast, east coast, ye olde england....just missing more gays. Though I have to tell you I do not know everyone's orientation so love might be just around the corner, LOL>