Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I made a "To Do" list with a perfect proportions, about 3/4 dedicated to work, 1/4 dedicated to personal life that can be completed during lunch and after work.

Have I started any of it?

Have I wasted time looking at faery weddings?

In other news:
I am pleased to announce that I summoned the tech savvy brain cells that are few and far between to come together in a moment of brilliance to restore my 5,000 missing pictures.
I restored all 24,000 files in my recycle bin.
Hells yeah. I have spent the last 4 or 5 days (a blur) picking through the tens of thousands of files to fetch my pic files and burn them on to disc. It's freaking tedious as hell but glorious getting them back.

Here's the uber weird thing: All kinds of sh*t is on there...except something I'm looking for in particular. Now I know enough to know that when you delete something, it's still on your drive but basically marked as available for overwriting. My instinct is to say "f*ck it, these files were overwritten by something else" but what makes no sense is that I have every file in and around the date on which these pics were taken and nothing. I don't even have the pics I deleted from the original pic upload, the ones I deleted before making a folder. How weird is that? It's not a huge big tragic deal that they're gone, it's no one's wedding or anything, but I am missing stuff like this:


and this:


and this little chicken:


So you see, nothing major or significant, but stuff I'd love to have back.
I'll try again tonight, but then might have to write it all off. Ohhhh well.

Off to tackle the to do list...


everything and nothing said...

Hello! It's me! I've been meaning to call you. But what is this sad news about your photos? Badness

everything and nothing said...

Me, Again.

RE: The faery wedding.
I loved the wings and the owl. Not crazy about the groom's makeup.

Al said...

LOL I MISS YOU RACHEL. Of course my fingers aren't broken, I should call you.
The sad news WAS that I lost 5700 photos. Then there was good news; I restored my recycle bin and got 5600 back!! But I can't find these foster parrot pics for some reason! It's weird....

Yes, I was a total fan of wings and owl. And woodland oriented accessories. But thought the groom looked quite effeminate!