Friday, June 12, 2009

There are three parts to this:

One part heart attack
One part beautiful lovely amazing perfection
One part sensible

I'm not sure what I'd do. But this site has really given me something to think about. Take a peek at the glorious photos. I see me and Jamaal tramping around on a beach or me sitting on a tree limb and imagine the awesomeness. I also see me hyperventilating. And I also see me irrationally preserving my wedding dress, having no one wear it, and giving it to my grandkids to play with because that's the only thing it will be good for by that point.....


And then I look at pictures like this and think it's a great idea all over again. Hmmm. What to do?
eta: apparently there is a lot of drama surrounding "trash the dress" because if you trash the dress it can't be donated to charity, etc. Here it is, I'm admitting it: I'm not donating my dress. It's awesome that people do, but I'm not. I've donated bridesmaid dresses and prom dresses that I hope have gone on to live happy lives and make girls positively glow with loveliness on their prom night. But my wedding dress? Sorry, I'm being selfish and keeping the thing, no matter if I "trash it" (and truly trash it is not my style, I'm not the dance in paint and throw my body on a canvas type girl, I'm the "do something I wouldn't have done on the big day cause beads might fall off" girl, LOL) or if it ends up in the back of my closet wrapped in plastic. There it is. The end.


Elizabeth said...

This is a beautiful photograph. Absolutely gorgeous. It's also the only photo that I think makes "Trash the Dress" worth it. If you want to have photos taken walking into the ocean, then GFI on that. I'm an ocean girl and I think the images are beautiful. I also think it doesn't have to ruin the dress, but that's just me being pragmatic. :) The city picks? The walking around a trash dump with a gown on? Old. Lame. And not that "Trash-y". Lying down in the ocean waves in a wedding dress makes a statement. Walking around the subway in the dress is just stupid. Plus, this seems to be waaaay more about the photographer than the couple, the bride, or the dress. A good photographer is a good photographer, no matter how neat and clean or down and dirty the subject is. Your photos will be gorgeous because - a) you are gorgeous; 2) jam is gorgeous; c) your love is gorgeous; and 4) james is amazing. THE END!

Elizabeth said...

Also- this pic is only beautiful because her dress doesn't look trashed. It still looks white and perfect and gorgeous. And I imagine that when she stands up it will still be dry and white and perfect and not muddy and wet and salty and sea-weedy at all. Yeah right!

Elizabeth said...

Doesn't trashing the dress by creating photos that look like you didn't trash the dress totally defeat the purpose? Show me the pics of the girl in the wedding dress playing paintball and then we can talk. Until then, you and your photographer are just showing off false advertising.

My gosh I have so many thoughts about this!

Al said...

OMG you're hilarious. I think people want to be edgy when they do the subway/city dump type pics lol. And I think that some people are less about "trashing" the dress and more about "let's take pictures in locations/poses that we skipped on the wedding day because I might get the dress dirty type deal." Someone on a ravelry forum got all up and arms about how the dresses weren't really ruined, blah blah blah blah blah. I guess that "trash the dress" is sort of a multifaceted idea. Of course in a perfect world, we could do this beach shot, I could have the dress drycleaned, it would come out perfect as the day I bought it, then my daughter could wear it. If only!