Monday, June 08, 2009

Officially Dead This Week:

1. swordtail fish (dropsy, caught too late :{ )
2. external hard drive (refuse to pay $500-2600 to liberate files)


Elizabeth said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your hard drive, Al. Mine crashed too once, but that was before I transferred files from my actual hard drive to it. Now if it crashed I'd lose all my music. That would be sad, but not as sad as you losing all your beautiful photos. :( I wish you good luck figuring it out. I love you, girl.

Al said...

Thanks lady :) I'm still working on it. I got an estimate (that 500-2600$$ one) and laughed. Someone lent (why does that look weird. lent. as in loaned. hunh.) me a machine that may be able to get some of the files of the drive if only one of the four discs is messed. Otherwise they're gone. I've had two weeks to mull it over and it's slowly becoming less painful, lol. We'll see what happens. There was extreme and major flippage when it happened though, no lie.