Monday, June 22, 2009

Green Thinking

So today I entered a contest on Style Me Pretty for some awesome invites.

There eco-friendly too, zero-carbon in production, vegetable-based inks, recyclable, etc. So awesome.

You had to write a comment to enter, and I wrote the following:

Allison says:

I’m in love with these invites for so many reasons! I love that these are so environmentally responsible AND completely gorgeous and elegant. The deco is my particular favorite as it would fit in with our wedding so well; we’re getting married in 2010 at a barn in Connecticut, so we’re aiming to have a simple affair, nothing too fussy to interfere with the barn’s natural beauty, but with an elegant twist. The simple circular design of the deco invitation and the repeating motif fits the bill perfectly, plus it would play off the lace in my dress. Aesthetics aside, it does my heart good to see more and more ecologically conscious choices for brides, as well as green and female entrepreneurship!! I graduated a year ago with a MS in biology, concentrating on conservation and the environment, and one of my main reservations about having a wedding was not the expense, but the waste, both pre- and post-wedding. Invitations from WedVert, as well as the wedding website and favors, would be additional ways to add to our goal of having a “responsible” wedding, as well as a subtle (not to mention *gorgeous* way) to bring the issues of recycling, green and carbon zero product choices to our guest’s minds. Thanks!!

I was then wracked with guilt that our wedding wasn't "green" enough to be worthy of these invitations. Typical for someone with an overactive guilt complex, right, EE?!!

Then I started thinking of the plans I've been mulling over since we secured The Barns and realized that we're not doing too badly (though these invites would probably improve our wedidng LEEDS score, if they had such a thing!)

1. We're using 150 mason jar led lanterns from a friend's wedding (they're in storage!) so we have some repurposed decorations

2. No flowers on the tables. It's wasteful - very very beautiful, but I cringe at the wastefulness! Instead I'm thinking of votives and seasonal decorations, such as gourds and mini pumpkins. None of these things will be thrown away. Jam and I will probably want some of the votives and such, but gourds and decorations can be taken by guests and used for their own homes and then put in the compost pile (or as we do, throw them in the woods and let the squirrels have a field day). Plus these will all be bought locally, thus reducing the amount of fuel spent transporting these from wherever. Flowers I'm carrying and my ladies are carrying will be in season (fine because if I see another rose or hydrangea I might vomit lol) Dahlias are cool and edgy and a fall flower....just an idea...

3. No SUV limos. No no nein no.

4. Lighting: candles and LED lights. Not extraordinary, but LEDs are a better more efficient choice.

5. Homemade favors (no plastic! no made in China!)

6. Other decorations: will be kept, maybe passed on (really just lights and lanterns, we're keeping it simple....but elegant ;)

7. placecards: prob mini pumpkins. Again local, paperless, reusable/biodegradable.

8. Bridesmaid dresses: chain store bought, but hopefully rewearable, and if not, donate-able

9. Venue: no climate control. Risky, but doors/windows are opened/closed as needed to control temp of the interior. This will be noted on the website for guests so they can bring shawls/wear sleeveless as needed depending on weather.

10. Wedding website: hopefully to cut down on paper! and to preserve our sanity of course.

Places where we're sucking re: eco-consciousness:

1. Everyone has to travel, though at least very few will actually have to fly. In the end everyone travels about 2 hours. If we had it in either city, half the guests would've had to travel four hours. In the end, this equals out I guess.

2. Food: prepared by the reception venue, but unsure of how much local stuff is used. Could find this out though.

3. Transportation: not getting married at reception venue. Though getting married at church in same town.

I know there's more. The cool thing is that WedVert has a site full of tips I'm going to sort through. Knowing the possibilities makes me determined to have an even MORE eco-responsible wedding. YAY!

PS: Have fallen in love with this:

What are my chances that Jam will love it? Not care? I'll take not care! Oooh just love love it.


Elizabeth said...


Also - Perhaps integration is in your future? It's sustainable, sanity-creating, fun, relaxing, and good for you, your fiancee, your future tan babies, and the universe! Because the universe will totally benefit when you no longer have an over-active guilt complex! It's like over-active thyroid. It doesn't sound too serious, but over time.....well, you know what can happen. I watch House, so, you probably wind up nearly losing a foot. And you definitely need to be intebated. And have a lumbar puncture.

Your worthiness! I love the idea of your eco-friendly wedding. WAAAAAY COOL.


everything and nothing said...

"fine because if I see another rose or hydrangea I might vomit lol) Dahlias are cool and edgy and a fall flower....just an idea..."

Um, that sounds fabulous!!

Al said...

Oh I am glad I get dahlia approval ;) We're gonna see what happens. I might have to eat my words two days before the wedding when I'm sitting in my hotel room at the Inn at Middletown putting together rose bouquets for the bridesmaids!

Also, EE I was not worthy *enough* I am sad to say. I did not mention the fact that Jamaal and I are paying for the wedding ourselves or our biracial love, and therefore someone worthier was chosen, lol. Back to square one, which, for the control freak, is not such a bad place to be!!

Elizabeth said...

I am sorry you did not win! However, I fully believe that your one-of-a-kind invitations will rock even harder, although sadly they will not be free. None the less, your worthiness remains! I can't wait to see you this weekend!