Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Reasons why my eye is twitching.

1. Got a work email about preparing a timeline for the BOD packets, adjusting cancer guidelines from last year to this, and talking to statistician about what's going to be removed from benchmarking and concordance. The whole email made me go "hunh?" The lovely kicker at the bottom was "Alison (spelled wrong, ugh) tell me if you need help."
Uh yeah. But way to make it obvious.

2. I really want to invite the neighbors to our wedding. This is for a lot of reasons: they're awesome, they're fun, we never get to celebrate fun stuff - we only get together when an elderly neighbor dies, I swear....plus with my next door neighbor's having a little one with leukemia, in a year and a couple months, we might need the break, and I just plain like them. I told Jam "I'd rather invite them than....certain other....um, blood relations, if you will. Yeah, well this is proof that my cell phone is effing tapped because who friends me on facebook today? Yes. You guessed it. Oh well. Hopefully everyone will make the guest list cut.

3. Got an email from theknot.com reminding me that in exactly 16 months, we'll be getting married. This made me exuberantly happy for about 5 seconds. Then the reality of the situation and the complete lack of planning set in. Everyone says not to panic, that there's still a TON of time, and while this is true, I said that when I got the "18 months to go" email, and that seemed like yesterday.

Whew. When did this turn into a list blog? And a full of complaints blog? Oh wait, it's always been complainy. LOL.

Anyways, I have to go figure out that BOD thing (I'm thinking this means "Board of Directors"). Ooh though quick update on the hard drive, I wrote a nasty review at Amazon. Especially when I found out that if I send back the drive a refund is not guaranteed because I can't find the packing slip. Guess that fantasy of me throwing it out of my bedroom window may ust be a reality. Hot.

ALSO. I am sooo making Jamaal do this with me: Crane Chandelier
How fun/special/awesome/crafty is that?

I actually think origami may play a small role at the wedding, as a way to save cashmoney and also make church decorating more simple. Since we're getting hitched out of state but not at the reception site, I staked out a non-denominational chapel at a local university campus that allows us to get married there with our own clergy member. While we can decorate as we like, we also have to clean up every trace that we were ever there, and I don't want bridesmaids and groomsmen lingering about trying to get everything cleaned up before the reception. I would like an aisle runner with a Beatles-inspired quotation (as it will be John Lennon's bday, and my whole family has special Beatles love, as does one of the bridesmaids), maybe some candles at the altar, but I thought THESE would add a special decorative element to the church without being expensive or cumbersome. The last person out of the pew could grab it too. Obviously bigger, and not with recycled maps....
We shall see...

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Elizabeth said...

Allison! I love the crane idea. That's awesomeness. More importantly, did you know that I KICK ASS at origami?! And have all kinds of paper I haven't used in ages I would totally be willing to donate to the cause? And that the idea of sitting around for a weekend watching movies and making paper flowers (this kind and others if you want them -- I have books! and I've made all types before!) is my own personal version of heaven? Seriously, I would LOVE to help out with this. I think paper flowers would look beautiful in the church, be light and not take up too much space = easy to transport, and would definitely not break the bank. This breakthrough of crafty inventiveness deserves major kudos! Just know I've now decided I'm totally having paper flowers at my wedding too. I'm not copying, you're just THAT good. Now all I have to find is a bride... ;)