Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I adore..

..this wedding
..this decorating scheme for our reception site (with modifications)
..these earrings
..new babies

I do not like:

being so scattered I can't accomplish anything: nothing wedding, nothing work, nothing in life.

It's so frustrating!


Elizabeth said...

All her bridesmaids are the same size! Even their boobs! How is that possible? The cowboy boots are very cute, and I LOVE the matching but differently patterned clutches. The red truck is amazing and the setting looks gorgeous, although I wish there were more traditional pics of the day. So many feet, not enough wedding. :)

Al said...

LOL you're too funny. I think there are prob more pics, just not online!! I actually kind of hate the bridesmaid dresses. Loooovely lovely color but strapless on everyone? Luckily as you said, the bridesmaids (there were so many) are all the same size. I liked the feel of it though, it was elegant yet chillaxed. And I love the picture where the bride is surrounded by all her women, that rocks. Speaking of bridesmaids, we have to get our sh*t together and think about what you ladies are going to wear. Then go pick out dresses. HOORAAAAY.