Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Superficial Crap Time!

So I got that mani/pedi Thursday and it was GLORIOUS. I hadn't had one since October due to budgetary demands (aka my loans coming out of deferment) so it really felt luxurious.

I go to a cheap place in Brigham Circle. If you go to Yelp and read the reviews it mostly receives crap reviews because the place is called "Nail Spa by Time." People are like 'ugh, I can't believe they call this a "spa" blah blah blah." Ok, 1. it's Brigham Circle, next to a Seven-11 did you REALLY expect a luxurious spa? 2. They have a 9.99 manicure special on Wednesday - spa? HELL NO 3. you can walk by the large picture window and look in and see it's not a spa. 4. the owners are Vietnamese and totally lovely, but clearly english is not their first language. The name of the spa in Vietnamese probably makes total sense, but translated out into English it turns into "Nail Spa by Time" Their pamphlet expresses that it's a place to get your nails done in a timely fashion. Stop being so literal! Maybe Vietnam is a land of quirky names - this is definitely the case in Kenya, for example, where you might find a meat shop named the "Jesus Loves Me Butchery." Will Jesus love you more if you get your meat there? NO. Is Nail Spa by Time a SPA? NOOOOO.

Anywho. I love the place. It's pretty clean, it's got massage-y chairs, and the people don't outwardly mock you if you haven't shaved for a few days or your feet look busted up - they may later...but not in front of you....(this happened to me at two chi chi nail spas on the South Shore, one where the woman said "OH MY GOD YOU HAVE A PLANTAR WART!" like I was going to bring a scourge of plague or herpes to the priviledged women of Cohasset. vomit. and another was like 'so I'm trying to figure out if that's dirt in the crevice of your nail or......' I was like "yeah, it's f*cking dirt, I've been in AFRICA for 4 months basically living in a hut, sorry I didn't pumice before coming here")

So at Nails Spa by Time there's this fantastic woman named Lyn who does eyebrows. She's got the touch. Tina, the owner does a great job too, but there is totally a Lyn bias. I went in last week to get eyebrows done and noticed Lyn was nowhere to be found. A stream of teen girls kept coming in, asking for her, and then promptly leaving when they found out Tina was the eyebrow waxer of the day. I do not have such bias. My brows were busted UP and needed to be tamed. The end. So I had those done, they looked fabulous, and I jetted out to catch my train. On Thursday, while at the nail dryer, I noticed a sign on the wall, in very Nail Spa by Time-esque dialogue:

"Lyn on vacation for week. Maybe if you are Lyn's regular client, one of her friends can help you out. Don't worry. Lyn will be back to fulfill your love and trust for her real soon."

This sign totally beat out the "Our new hand lotion good for skin, softens and smoothens" and "Our credit machine broke. You pay cash only."

I kind of want to know how much "other" waxing Lyn does if she's going to be fulfilling our love and trust for her....I heard they do Brazilians on the cheap...I'm not sure if I want to go there though LOL.

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