Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some More Bushfire Stuffff

Hey peeps!
Here's some more bushfire stuff. These are just a few links that make it a bit more fun to donate to various Bushfire appeals (though what is really more fun than helping people and animals?! c'mon now!!) I am kind of loving Serendipity right now because if you email her your receipt from the Australian Red Cross you get put in a raffle of some sort AND she has a counter - she also mentioned that with the time difference a lot of the donations happen while she's sleeping and she gets to wake up to a nice surprise. Now I know there's nothing better than plopping down in front of your office computer at 7 or 8 in the morning and seeing your inbox full of gfi.

There's also fun stuff to buy. These necklaces look amazing, though sadly I will be on the road when they're put on etsy....maybe I will hint to my sister that these would be a fantastic bday gift for me???

Just wanted to put an update out there. Clearly the bushfires are still very much on my mind - they remind me a bit of the tsunami in 2004 - simply unfathomable in their destruction and loss of life and homes. Just devastating.

-aside - Chase just called me to make sure that all my charges were legit, lol. I hope the Red Cross got the money.....hmmm. I will have to follow up on this one....

So anyways, do whatever you can to help. I'm sure there will be more opportunities to make a difference in the coming weeks.
That's it from me for today :)

Oooooh except this stuff. I wandered into Anthropologie for the first time in about 15 years yesterday (seriously - I know that there are certain places where my self-control or lack thereof cannot be trusted. This is one of them. You'll see why). I was supposed to be buying a hostess gift for a couple that's having Jam and I over for dinner this weekend. I knew that they probably would not want us bringing food, though I will probably bring over some Valentine cookies Amy and I will be making tonight, and probably will skip on the wine, though maybe Jam will bring some - anyway, I just wanted a little something. I had time to kill before my meeting to I wandered into Anthropologie and saw the dishtowels. Oh ho ho ho. Throwing care and economy to the wind I snatched three for my dowry (that's what I'm calling it, the larger rubbermaid in storage filled with our future kitchen). I only allowed myself three because I could've stood there and picked out 5....or like 13. I chose bird ones (of course) though I can only find pictures of two. The seriously cute owl one wasn't online:

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