Monday, February 02, 2009

Phone Call

I just got a phone call from Tufts - someone found my T-pass!!
Yeah, don't get too excited.
Interesting they wait til the first February weekday to report it when I lost it 19 - yeah NINETEEN days ago.
I told that to the Tufts lady - she was like "uh-huh....and why am I just getting an email about this now I wonder" We both knew someone had taken it and used the pass - now they don't want it.
"Give me their email address!!" I demanded "I want my stuff back, even if it's expired!"
The Tufts lady must've heard the rage - she said "Why don't you let me take care of this? You don't want to just meet up with some person in some random place, it's not worth it."
She's so right.
But I still kind of want to.
So I can punch them in the face.
Ok not I can look them in the eye and say "Oh thanks for finding this and turning it in....did you enjoy your 19 days of unlimited bus, subway, and up to zone 4 commuter rail service at my expense?"
UGH. Somedays I just have no faith in humanity. Ugh.

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