Friday, February 13, 2009


I'm heading to NYC for the weekend. HURRAH! Of course I chose to drive down to Jam's abode, and of course I was about 45 minutes from home this morning when I realized I forgot my iPod. Eeeech.
Never fear - had a plan for that. I went and bought a five-pack of CD's at CVS and ripped 100 of my favorite tunes. I have about 6 hours worth of music now, I think it'll hold me over. I haven't played a CD in my car in probably 18 months or so, so hopefully the player still works!

Otherwise I have nothing to impart except OPI's "Rose to the Ovation" is the best color everrrr. And it's discontinued. But I procured some. heheheh.

I want a Schrodinger cube.

AAAAND "The Ridiculous Race" is just about the most hilarious book I've read in a while

And with that I LEAVE!


Elizabeth said...

Those cubes are CUTE!

Al said...

I KNOW, RIGHT? I look at them and I'm like "oh I can think of 1,000 uses for you, my little cube, how about you come be my friend?!" I have to not shop for a bit though and get ye olde finances in order...