Monday, January 12, 2009


I have had Feelings lately that a Very Bad Thing is about to happen. I can't put a finger on it, except to say that it's not going to happen to me...
It's weird.

On Friday I woke up and had that feeling - so much that I almost called in sick. I didn't want to be in the city at all, I wanted to stay home in the 'burbs and watch the birds at my birdfeeder all day and be away from the world.

On my way to work MedFlight had to land and transport someone who had been hit by a stolen car in Holbrook. The car stealer died. The Abington ambulance passed me to get to Belcher St in Holbrook because the Holbrook ambulance was tied up at the car stealing/medflight scene. Ominous.

Then in the afternoon, leaving work after a 3 hour meeting to have a cocktail with a friend, police EVERYWHERE. It seemed like every Boston officer was in the LMA, blocking streets, directing traffic. My bus got through to Huntington, and then this.

I think it might just be me. But maybe not. I'm not too worried, cause like I said, this ominous ideation has nothing to do with me directly except in the sense that I am feeling it. I hope I am wrong. Maybe I'm just annoyed by the girl I'm sharing a project with who won't let things go and who is nervous about everything all the time. Or maybe I just feel squidgy after reading a new favorite blog and reading how a man in Tanzania went out into his field and disappeared. No one could find him. My Kenyan friend Maraka said to me once "In Africa, people just disappear." Weird.

This is a weird post.
I am going to give platelets and to get myself a little bit of optimism...
11:17 edited to add
I failed my hemoglobin test - perhaps this is the extent of ominous events for today and I am being dramatic...

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