Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Remember yesterday's ominous feelings?!
THIS HAPPENED. Right across the highway from my mother's office.
Weirdly coincidental.

Anyways, I have nothing to write really. Oh, except I was thinking today that the bonus discs you get with DVD's are really kind of pointless. It's cool to watch the bonus materials of Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy like, once. But it's not like you're going to be sitting at your house at 10pm Saturday night looking for a good time and think "Oh! Oh there's one I haven't watched in a while, the bonus disc of The Royal Tenenbaums, yes brilliant!!" It's kind of a waste of space. Besides, couldn't they fit them on the flipside of the disc or something?
I dunno. That's my thought process at 6am.

Also, it is 12F here or -11.11 for all you Celsius fans. I think that is just a bit obscene. Though it's just this type of weather I'm talking about when I tell people "I love living in New England because it gets so cold in the winter that by the time it's spring and summer you have forgotten the awesomeness of warmth, then summer gets so hot you forget the awesomeness of a blanket of snow."
Note I never said "I like the cold"
BRR! Luckily I am in my semi-warm office with handwarmers and a scarf on, so I'm good. And off to clean my disgusting desk off with clorox wipes. Woohoo another fun day at the office!

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