Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2009 Stuff

So I've been compiling a little list of stuff I want to get done in 2009. They're not resolutions because I am a resolution BREAKER - like it's my job. Of course I'd like to achieve a toned body, but then again, it's 9:15am and I'm working my way through a bag of sour patch kids, so let's be reasonable. This is a list of goals and "to dos" that are actually attainable (though I have lost a whopping two pounds since New Year's so maybe that toned thing is possible....or maybe that's just because I barfed on Friday at Jamaal's house from eating a quarter of grade F chicken from BBQ's on a completely empty stomach...)

Anywho. Here goes:

Finish and distribute overdue wedding gifts.
Embarrassingly enough, I have two wedding gifts I still owe people. Both are well within the year limit (apparently you have a year to give a gift according to etiquette gurus...personally, I am kind of mortified I still have these). I have a beautiful knit blanket that's about 2 or 3 skeins of yarn away from being finished, as well as a lovely cross stitch sampler that just needs to be framed. We (as in Jam and I) already gave both couples money, so it's not like they didn't get anything, plus as I recall, we gave really generously (they're totally worth it (-: ) but still, who doesn't finish wedding gifts on time! UGH!

Finish birthday and other gifts and distribute.
I owe four people quilts. Three know I do, one has no idea I was supposed to make him a quilt. My friend Elizabeth's quilt was supposed to be for her 25th birthday. She'll be 27 on March 18th. The other quilt is about 9 months late. My sister's quilt had no deadline, but she did buy the fabric and she probably would like it done.

Finish swap items. Send. Take swap hiatus.
I love swaps. I do. I've met some great people and received amazing and wonderful gifts via swaps. Swaps, however, are the reason that overdue gifts are languishing in my room. I will finish my current swaps (3- ISE 7, New Year, New Dishcloths, and RSE 3) with gusto, but then cut myself off (until the Ornament Swap, of course!) til I am done with gifts.

Get rid of crap.
I need to clean out my closet and my bureau. I have so much JUNK. Plus I need a place to safely hang my wedding dress. As of this moment, I literally have nowhere to put it. I know where it could go, if the area weren't obstructed by a shoe thing holding purses and a set of drawers holding a bajillion pairs of underwear and socks.

Plan wedding stuff in calm orderly fashion and do not bore people with details they don't care about.
That's pretty self explanatory LOL.

Obtain a new job with better pay.
"But the economy is failing! Unemployment is rampant! There are wage and hiring freezes!!" I'm sorry, what? Whether by promotion or entirely new job, by December 31, 2009, I'd like to get paid what I should. It has been acknowledged by the doctors at my job that all of the women in my office are underpaid. I'd like to rectify that somehow - bringing up the issue with the department head unfortunately got us nowhere...

Chillax more.
There was much franticness in 2008. MUCH. Much crying. Much stress. Gotta be calmer about life.

Go to church more.
Cause it's good (for me). The end.

Be more involved in my involvements.
ha ha I like that title. I belong to a bunch of groups. I slack sometimes. I've got to stop and step up to the plate. I have to be social and put myself out there. That's all there is to it.

Finish the rest of the stuff on my To Do list
I have a google docs to do list. I've had it since 2007. It should get done already!

Ok that's pretty much it. Ten things are more than enough. The end.

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