Thursday, January 08, 2009

'08 In Pictures

You know, looking back on 2008 in pictures really puts a more positive spin on things. I am an optimist by nature, but this year had me down...a lot. I won't lie. There was my cousin Catherine's illness and death which descended out of nowhere and came as a shock. There was my father's work drama, which culminated in his sudden retirement. There was the sudden realization that one of my grad school classes wouldn't count, and having to take on an insane course load, never really knowing if I'd make it. My grandma fell flat on her face, then had a series of health issues that scared the crap out of us. People we knew died. I was tired, sleepless, anxious, hating my job....but.....

...then there was everything else. While the above things were big and overpowering and always managed to overshadow something, there were the other things that were joyous and happy, life events to be celebrated, and even small seemingly insignificant moments of beauty and tiny self-satisfying accomplishments. There were births and marriages and engagements and graduations and knitted shawls, pancakes, and birds. The big and the little, all put together to make a pretty damn good year. I'm so glad I stopped to reflect, because really? It was pretty fantastic.

What I did in 2008 (in no particular order):

voted for change

was skurry

rooted for the predator (who lost this one)

found a one-eyed squirrel

learned what it's like to cook in fine ceramic bakeware

rooted for my team (and heckled the enemy)

was overwhelmed by history (George Washington stood here!)

felt the love

fell down

found happiness out in nature

found beauty in the small simple things

experienced complete and utter peace all alone

fell in love with birds again and again and again

celebrated change

was reminded why I love this place

got a new perspective

celebrated more marriage


drove a boat

cooked some happy

acted stupid

kicked ass and took names

was inspired

wanted to quit (but didn't! I didn't!)

had a bruise - a big one

did I mention loving birds?

watched the snow


went to an opera recital and felt proud of my friend

rang in the new year in typical sisterly fashion

held someone brand new

explored new places

made something mini to share

witnessed a wedding

found someone who agreed on my views of graduate degree education

celebrated second chances

hung out with my Smith gallies

made something for myself

got glasses

cross stitched advice I need to learn to take

felt loved

felt like a patriot

got engaged


baked fancy

fed the birds

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