Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sexy Summer, now September

Oh god LORD how did September happen?

I have to say though, the fam ushered in September in fantastic fashion. It turned into a very low key weekend, the highlights being running errands with dad (always hilarious - especially at Home Depot), drinking four or five margaritas at our southwestern fiesta party with the neighbors, getting a stack of books out of the library, buying much needed girlie supplies to fill the empty beauty/personal care product coffers, falling asleep with Lily on my bed to wake up finding him dozing next to me (awwrrr), being home alone with Ame and watching one disturbing movie (Lust, Caution) and one fantastic very sweet movie (Arranged), fabric shopping, and ROOM ORGANIZING. Oh, and successfully diagnosing my pet fish with a fungal infection and getting to the pet store to buy medicine before the whole tank came down with it. That was a pretty big triumph for me . Conclusion: pay more attention to the fish!

Anyways, I looked over my goals for the summer (which technically I do not consider over until it's too cold to go out in flip flops, and we're good for another month up here) and I did fairly well. I did get very organized, though not wedding organized, not quite yet. I did hang out with Amy and watched about a zillion episodes of Grey's Anatomy and crafted, during our cancelled vacation. I didn't make it to NH for more than five days, though that is because my granfather's retina started bleeding like a mofo and he couldn't go up there (and we need him to drive the boat). So that was a unforseen complication. I never got to hang out with my friend Jenny and her daughter, but that is also due to complications, as her grandma is very very sick right now and the timing is no good. I didn't fly a kite either, but hell, I got tiiiime. There's some other stuff I didn't get to, but I'll get there eventually.

I guess this post is pretty damn boring. Oh well. This entire summer I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off and this is really the first time I feel calm and relaxed. It's really fantastic. I think knowing I don't have to go back to school this fall is a huge reason why. The only thing I'm worrying about right now is how I'm going to get my backlog of homemade gifts finished before the holidays hit! I'm not even stressed about work or the fact that the job market is abysmal (and the fact that I haven't heard from the company to which I applied, sadly). No stress. Just looking to enjoy the end of summer and the lucious New England fall. Oh yeah :)

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