Thursday, September 11, 2008


This is actually freaky. I had this extensive 9/11 recall post up here. I wrote about how it was a beautiful day in Northampton and how I went to class and didn't know til I got out and saw people distraught and couldn't fathom til I saw the TV at what type of great disaster could make people act the way they were acting. How we had a family friend who was seen on the 20th floor of Tower 2 but didn't make it out. How we've recovered but not forgotten.

But then my computer froze. And I saved AND copied the post....but when I restored my firefox session and tried to paste the post in a word doc, it was gone. Perhaps it was never meant to be.

Sigh. Anyways, I hope everyone makes it through the day ok, and if today is a day of mourning, as it is for our friend Sally, my thoughts are with you.

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