Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh my goodness. I have found my people:

"Most brides have a similar focus when they finally get their hands on that first bridal magazine, or when they sit down in front of Google for that very first wedding-related search. That magical gown, the wedding dress.

For us craftier brides-to-be, the focus is a bit different. We dream of invitations, programs and stationery. Vellum and engraved and metallic and handmade and letterpress. Wedding invitations are little paper masterpieces, and for brides like myself, they set the tone for the wedding much more than the gown does."

Yup. When I got engaged I said "Hey Ame, will you ask your friend Brenda to make my dress" After the initial flurry and the excitement of her actually saying yes, I was like "whatev, gotta focus on invites now." so crazy.

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