Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Victorious and Adding a Feature

I feel like my blog page is so junky that it's distracting...but today I noticed a sad lack of photos, well personal photos at least (though who doesn't like looking at Tom Brady?) I am thinking of adding a photo element again, like a daily or weekly photo. Hmm.

What else is new?
Well some of our fears were put to rest on Sunday by a Patriots VICTORY. Everyone was grumbling "our season is over blah blah blah" but I knew that 1. Brady is good but not the whole team 2. Belichick is a mastermind (ok no Spygate references please) and 3. Cassell couldn't possibly be that bad. I mean maybe we won't have that 19-0 season we've been fantasizing about since last year's Superbowl shame, but it oughta be a bit exciting.

*aside* I love local organic food. It's awesome, it's a good choice for me and for the environment. BUT I scrubbed this lettuce and there is still dirt on it. Ehhh. I will eat it because it's washed and there are probably nutrients in the dirt. I mean I ate a lot of dirt as a kid and turned out pretty healthy but seriously? ACK! *aside over*

So I am thinking of applying for a new job. I won't go into detail yet because of my enormous fear of rejection but hopefully will have details soon. The work would indeed take me away from the cancer hospital. It's proven to be such a rewarding place to work, but let's face it, I can blog right now because the rest of the week's work is in a small pile in front of me and will take no more than 6 hours to accomplish and as of now I have 20 hours left to fill. It's time to pursue something that will make me utilize my degree. And call me lame but the job I found would entail the beautiful integration of getting grimy as hell in swampy river areas outside and ALSO require nice clothes for public presentations. Rockin'.

Jam is in town tomorrow. Yay! Of course it is for school though which means I see him Thursday night, Saturday night, then he heads home. Er. I think he is grateful for this though because I am starting to try and do some serious wedding planning and I'm not sure he's that into it yet LOL. I keep mulling things over in my head, though they are somewhat useless til we tack down a place and date. Ah well.

Ok this is the part where I cut myself off. What a dull post! I have to eat lunch because I am off to donate platelets. I feel like I must be nearing the 50 donations mark....I don't know if you get anything for 50, but just telling people I hit 50 would be badass. Too bad they don't measure by units. My platelets are so high I donate a double dose every time - one of the smartass pheresis techs told me if I gained 75lbs I could donate a triple with my counts. I told him I didn't plan on doing that and he said "hmmm. well wait a few years." WHA? Not so sure about that one ;)

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